The Brand New Monaco in Pittsburgh

April 6, 2015

Kimpton has a property in Pittsburgh! Hot damn. And what a property it is. This first visit is going to be way too short. Rob Mallinger and his team are spoiling NPS big time. We approve.

We are in 835, a gorgeous space with high ceilings and lots of room.


Here is a short and silent video tour.

About the only thing we can’t get to work in here is the bluetooth speaker. I guess we could put some music on the android device, but our old school ipod does not speak bluetooth. Oh well.

Birdcage light 835

Birdcage light 835

Door, door, door

Door, door, door


The tub is IN the shower in 835. That's a new one.

The tub is IN the shower in 835. That’s a new one.

While we were busy doing work on the interwebs, Marissa stopped in with a fantastic amentity from downstairs. Marissa was great. Based on her recommendation, we switched around the business dinner plan.

Fruit and cheese, artfully displayed

Fruit and cheese, artfully displayed

Of course, best of all was a make it yourself Stranahan’s whiskey-based beverage. The only question I have for barman Josh Holiday is what the bottle says??



Rob stuck his nose in for a chat early evening. It’s always fun to talk to people who run hotels for a living. Rob seems to specialize in starting up new properties. This one is great.

What a fantastic welcome to a new Kimpton property. Thanks to the Kimpton team, especially Marissa and Rob.

We were hoping to make it to Butcher and the Rye, but it’s Monday and they are closed. So off to Meat and Potatoes it is. Meanwhile, it’s about time for that Stranahan’s Whiskey.

The report from Meat and Potatoes is that it is a buzzing nice little gastro-pub with good solid food. They are trying hard to make cocktails, but did not register on the “go there” scale. A much better bar is to be found at The Commoner right downstairs at the Monaco. We were served by Bryan Gastaldi who knows his way around the back bar. our experimental beverage was right down the center of the Bell curve (so no need to scribble it down).

Also, where do all the people in Pittsburgh go on Monday night?!

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