Hotel Fabric a Perfect Paris Perch

April 28, 2016

Paris in Spring

Paris in Spring

Hotel Fabric is a fantastic little boutique tucked away on a side street in 11. Checkin was warm and friendly with fresh flowers. The lobby is designed to feel like a living room and includes an honor bar.




We were assigned room 206.

206 sitting area

206 sitting area

206 bedroom

206 bedroom


Many interesting design elements are included in the room which is in no way a hamster cage.



The bathroom is superb with an excellent shower. The LED lights are very clever

Shower excellence

Shower excellence






About the only quibble with the property is these stupid “don’t steal my hanger hangers.” These do not belong in an upscale hotel.

no no no no

no no no no

Paris in late April is incredible. Mini rainstorms and bright blue sky between grey clouds.

We spent some time at Luxembourg Garden and at the Louvre.

Luxembourg Garden

Luxembourg Garden


Since Air France still can’t locate our lost bag after two days, we bought some clothes at a Paris boutique.

Dinner at Kitchen Galerie Bis was outstanding—Asian-French fusion done by a master.

And then Prescription Cocktail Club for some excellent cocktails.

An experimental cocktail (hah) at Prescription

An experimental cocktail (hah) at Prescription



Humphrey crafted an Experimental Cocktail
0.5 cl fino inocente sherry
20 cl cocchi rosa sernoutit
10 cl calvados
40 cl blanton’s cask strength bourbon

Prescription remains an excellent bar with top notch service.

Hotel Fabric is a fantastic place to stay in Paris in April. Five showerheads and some LED lights thrown in for good measure.

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