Rochester, Michigan Elegance at Royal Park Hotel

May 25, 2017

Old school is one way to describe the Royal Park Hotel located about an hour north of Detroit in Rochester. A gorgeous old building, well kept and properly appointed sits on a small creek in a green area of town. We arrived late in the rain and in the dark, but we can still tell how pretty this place is.

A cordial check-in put us in room 325 overlooking the creek.

A visit to the bar downstairs to meet some business associates resulted in a great find: Gosling’s Family Reserve Rum in the wild. That’ll do.

325 is just slightly too large for its furnishings, but it is still nice in an old school way.

Just how big is that room?


Too big?

The bathroom has plenty of marble and a very nice shower with multiple shower heads and a bench. Pretty much NPS heaven shower-wise.

Nice shower

Multiple shower heads and a bench

Outside in

Inside in

About the only major problem with this hotel is the “lets charge $4 for water” which as loyal readers know we find appalling. Just no.

Go to Paul’s on Main for breakfast, but try to ignore the idiot boxes hung all over the place.

Five showerheads for Royal Park and some free water. Free. We do not charge for that in civilized society.

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