Welcome to New Zealand: Bluestone on George, Dunedin

November 19, 2018

The Bluestone on George is a cozy place to stay in Dunedin, New Zealand even on a cold, rainy, Spring day.

Once the dense cloud cover broke (at a very low ceiling), the green of New Zealand peeked through.

A quick trip into town from the airport was aided by the fact that Eli can drive on the left, which is right around here.

Bluestone on George is nicely upscale. Clean and modern with friendly staff. We are in room 405. The room features a balcony overlooking soggy Dunedin. In the middle of the night, the wind and rain was so strong that the doors blew open (they were not properly latched).

The lobby is a great place to vanquish your temporary chess enemies.

Beautiful lines in the lobby

Dunedin from the balcony

Without further ado, room 405.

Eaves set off the balcony

Sleek kitchenette

Though tight (probably because the hot tub thing is so wide), the bathroom is also sleek and modern. Cool showerhead too.

So many nozzles

Dinner at Etrusco features working class Italian in a setting with a great fireplace. Friendly service and good food.

Fireplace at Etrusco

We accidentally discovered a new gin at the restaurant. Too many sweet aromatics for a Negroni. This gin should be saved for cucumber cocktails. Tellingly, they were advertising Bombay Sapphire as a London Dry. Nopey nope.

New Zealand gin

For breakfast near the George, try Capers which has great pancakes. Good Earth Cafe is a nice college hangout with great looking cakes.

If you’re on the road, make sure to hit the Hokonui Moonshine Museum in Gore. Turns out it was NPS ancestors who brought hooch to New Zealand from Kintail.

Four showerheads and a nice warm welcome for Bluestone on the George. Highly recommended.

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