The beautiful and funky Christiania Teater has experienced a face lift.  Even room 620 (a long time NPS favorite) has been updated.

The Fly2Get train in from the airport is a snap.  The upgraded decor a welcome change.


Funky art in the hallway.

The orange juice machine remains the best in the world.  In fact the entire breakfast situation is top notch.

Cafe Skansen is well worth a visit.  Great place for a business dinner.

Fireside chat?  In Oslo it is the real thing.


The Munch museum (iteration three) is well worth a visit.

Himkok seems to have jumped the shark.  Good luck edging in past the masses!  We tried the Swan instead.  Which was OK.

On the other hand, Indian food at Mantra was excellent.  Great decor and the best indian so far in Oslo.  And Dinner is a good place for dinner, though the food is much better than that work-a-day service.


Then it was off to Tyinkrysett.


Five showerheads for the Christiania Teater hotel.  We will most likely return sooner than we think.