70Park NY, NY Back on Track

October 6, 2010

After my unsatisfying stay at Eventi, I decided it was back to 70Park on my most recent trip to NY. 70Park has a checkered past with me…sometimes just fine and other times not so much.

My trip up this time was wild. It was a rainy day, and there were ATC delays into NY. I got on my already late plane (at least I was upgraded) and was joined in first class by a very huge guy who sat across the aisle from me. Turns out he was a Washington Redskin named Jamal Brown (traded from the Saints). Did I mention that Jamal was huge?

We sat on the tarmac with a ground hold. During that time (maybe 15 minutes), one of the passengers who was also a Washington Redskin…first round draft pick Sean Taylor declared to the crew he had a “family emergency” and had to get off the plane. He seemed amused by the entire thing and was smirking when the pilot announced that we were returning to the gate so a passenger could disembark. The pilot informed the rest of us that we would have a major delay since we lost our slot. Up to three hours. Much groaning ensued.

Sean Taylor left the plane and was met by the police, airport executives, and airline operations types. Hope he wasn’t just yanking everyone’s chain because he thought he could!

Then the weird thing happened. Because the crew had observed Sean and Jamal talking, they asked Jamal to leave the plan as well. He calmly questioned why and was told he had to leave the plane or the police would come and remove him. Now this huge man (did I mention that Jamal is huge?), very calmly and rationally explained that he was talking to his teammate only because they were both Redskins. He pointed out that like the rest of us he was inconvenienced. The police did come (a tiny guy with a badge and a gun) and Jamal stepped off the plane. Ten minutes later, he was back on.

I salute Jamal on his calmness. As for Sean Taylor…it seems he needs to grow up.

Anyway, back to the hotel. We got in to NY 4 hours late and I checked into 70Park where I was greeted with a personal note and a very nice room (915). Here is a shot of the bathroom.

Probably the strangest part of the bathroom was the tub/shower combo.  The tub was a huge whirpool thing.  Even with an oversized shower head there was enough room for lots of people in the shower.  I do like interesting bathrooms, and this one is by far the most interesting one in 70Park that I have found so far.

The 70Park glass-tile design was a standard feature in this bathroom.  No plastic.

I felt so good about my visit that I will promote 70Park back up to a five showerheads rating.

Now for another tasty drink morsel.  I went down to the Flatiron district with a work friend and we visited theFlatiron Lounge for some world class mixology. Though they had no Amer Picon, they did have a tasty selection of beverages for us to sample. We slipped next door to a Tapas place for dinner and then came back for a nightcap. We called for Seelbach’s and they made us some with no delay.

Seelbach Cocktail
In the bottom of a champagne flute mix
1 oz bourbon (woodford reserve or something cask strength)
0.5 oz Cointreau
7 dashes (!) Peychauds
7 dashes (!) Angustora
mix with a silver spoon and top with Veuve Cliquot

After a Seelbach we were sidetracked on our way back uptown with a quick trip to the equally delightful Raines Law Room for a Lion’s Tail. Real mixology in the city. Life is good.

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  1. Sammy Says:

    I have a similar tale of travel woe involving delayed flights and annoying rain and a cabbie who gave me pause when he crossed Park Avenue for the third time while trying to find…Park Avenue. I assume my frustration was palpable because the 70Park desk staff were all over it and immediately pushed over a $25 lounge chit while I was checking in.

    The air conditioner was relatively quiet, the mattress was firm, there was one large pillow (and several of those Chiclet-sized things), and the breakfast was okay. The bathroom is nicely appointed. On the other hand, I like more pressure from the shower head than I was getting here.

    While good mixology was not an option in the hotel bar, the available items got the job done.

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