Hotel Marlowe Currently Experiencing No Winter

February 1, 2012

I’ve been coming to the Hotel Marlowe since the first week it opened. Even though my old buddy Joe Capalbo has moved across the river to run the Onyx (wonder where Linda Chin is now?), the Hotel Marlowe staff is in top form. I was greeted by name by everybody this morning when I arrived. That makes me wag my tail. I am so easily pleased it seems.

It’s a weird winter up here. Cold, but not very cold. And no snow (unlike last year). Here’s what it looks like out my window this afternoon from room 827.

Over the Charles toward the Museum of Science.

All rooms should have telescopes.

When I entered the gorgeous executive class room, I was greeted by a personal note and some loot from Justin the concierge. This loot thing rules.

Thanks for the loot Justin.

So does this room class actually. Great bathroom. I really do need to figure out how to use one of these dang huge bathtubs one of these years.

Without further ado, a picture or two. See previous entries for pictures of the glass shower cube and the gigantic tub.

An artsy image of the tub. Kimpton soap.

Into the sitting room (note telescope).

And get this. I stupidly left my mac power adapter at home again (in the kitchen plugged into the wall). When I called down to see if I could borrow one, Matthew solved the problem by walking over to the mac store and buying one for the hotel to have to let people borrow. Phenomenal service. Wow.

A Kimpton gem. Best in the business. Rock on Hotel Marlowe…you deserve more than five showerheads, but that is where the scale tops out.

The rest of the day went super well too. I gave a talk at Tufts attended by students from Tufts, Harvard and MIT and my old pal Dan Dennett. Then there was a small and delicious dinner at the blue room. The blue room has a new chef, so no more shrimp and yucca. I had to “settle” for the best duck I have ever eaten instead.

Finally it was off to drink for a nightcap or seven. We were expertly served by Ezra Star who made a number of delicious standards that I ordered up for my newbie friends (Liberal, Corpse Reviver #2). The mixological highlight was an experimental concoction that Ezra made on the fly. We’ll call it Ezra’s Star:
.5 Picon
.25 Luxardo
.75 Dry vermouth
1.5 El Dorado 12 year rum

drink is still the best bar in the world.

Boston rocks.

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