United regional travel woes

October 10, 2012

Back in February, I pointed out how entirely variable United Express travel is. Some is great and some just plain sucks.

Rochester is serviced by ExpressJet. So far they hover at the suck end of the range. I flew here on a very short 40 minute hop an an old CRJ with no overhead storage. I was seated in a bulkhead as requested but the guy next to me was severely overweight and his fat drooped over the armrest to such an extent that it opened up the little flap over the fold out tray. Awful.

The plane was overloaded and the non-English speaking gate agent took way too long to ask two passengers to leave the plane. He had no authority whatsoever. The captain sat in his cockpit seat pretending to be oblivious. It was absurd. Meanwhile I was wedged in what remained of my seating space just hoping that the flight would end soon.

BTW, whatever you do, don’t plan to eat lunch at the airport in Rochester. There are only fast food restaurants and off brand coffee shops.

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  1. showertaker Says:

    On my next regional trip to Indianapolis, Mesa did a decent job. The crew was outstanding and attentive, there was a first class cabin, the flight was on time. About the only thing that needs work is the too-small CRJ700.

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