Grant Street Inn (Bloomington, IN) in the Fall

October 18, 2012

Fall is gorgeous in Indiana, and today is a beautiful day.

October at the Grant Street Inn

Now that my company has an office in Bloomington and I am still advising the School of Informatics, I will be here more than ever. The Grant Street Inn is the absolute best place to stay in town, hands down.

Our office is on one corner of the courthouse square. Here is the courthouse itself.

We exist!

I am staying in room 30, my fave. Here is a new picture of the shower/hot tub thing.

Huge shower built over a hot tub. (There is plastic involved. Alas.)

The sink console in the bathroom goes nicely with the buttons that control the electricity.

A steady four showerheads for the Grant Street Inn.

On the mixology front, The Rail continues to impress. What a great space and what excellent people. While discussing bourbon arcana with the owners, I came across two new ones for me:
Rock Hill Farms which is a bit hot but a nice mixer similar to Blantons
Parker’s Heritage #6 (10 yr) cognac barrel finish from Heaven Hill

An Old Fashioned, properly concocted with Parker’s is superb.

As always, Soma is the best place for espresso in town. Fresh squeezed orange juice, homemade muffins, and real coffee. What’s not to like?

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