Palomar DC a Treat in the City

October 26, 2012

We stayed at the Palomar in Washington once before when Puck was a tiny yellow puppy. The idea was to have a great dinner at Obelisk (highly recommended) and walk next door to crash. We had a great time.

This go ’round I am in the city for a business meeting, which meant even less time to spend at this great property. My loss.

I was upgraded to room 835. The design is very interesting but a little on the cave-like side (dark and dreary). The overcast sky outside fits the bill perfectly. Maybe it is the prevailing mood in the country about Washington?

Great design sensibility, but dark. Even with the curtains open, this room teeters on depressing.

I was afraid nobody knew I was coming this time since I got no email in advance (though my spam filter has been overactive lately, so maybe it is to blame). When I arrived, the hotel was hopping for wine hour and Matt at the front desk seemed just a bit flustered. Relax Matt, it will be OK!

The welcome package was welcome indeed after a terrible institutional lunch at SRI.

Note, wine, cheese, chocolates. What’s not to like?

The bathroom in 835 is superb with a very nice glass shower. As always, I did not try out the gigantic hot tub thing. I’m going to have to work on that.

I forgot my camera again, so cell pictures will have to suffice.

Not plastic.

After an awful group diner at Filomena (don’t bother unless you like shopping mall red sauce), the evening took a turn for the (much) better with a trip out to Passenger to try on some DC mixology for size.

We were served by Lindsay who swears that she is 26. Well constructed drinks for our party (probably the best in DC) included a Corpse Reviver #2, a Nevada (on the rocks in a Collins glass?!), and a hand-concocted but not that creative bourbon beverage with Cynar and Luxardo. Passenger is kind of a dive and it is way way too noisy. Too bad the space doesn’t live up to the mixological excellence.

Anyway, it was a quick trip. The Palomar is a five showerheads place with a DC pall cast over it. The guys moving cars around are great.

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