Rochester Take ][+ in 2012: Inn on Broadway

December 1, 2012

I was just here at the Inn on Broadway, so it was with a severe sense of deja vu that I arrived from NYC this week. This time I was assigned room 401, which was somehow more classy than 301. Maybe it was the bathtub over the hot tub.

The bathtub in 401 beats the hot tub in 301.  At least when you're by yourself.

The bathtub in 401 beats the hot tub in 301. At least when you’re by yourself.

Or maybe it was the welcome note and the perfectly timed cheese and crackers? (Yes, they do listen! Awesome.)

Welcome package.

Welcome package.

Whatever it was, the Inn on Broadway felt better this time than it did last time. Are there quibbles? of course there are. This is still noplasticshowers-land. They still need some bowls for cereal in the morning (no plastic bowls). And I do not want to steal their hangers. Oh yeah, and the wireless net still needs a major overhaul (especially for the computer in the business closet).

These hangers must go.

These hangers must go.

All in all, there are some nice things in the room. Like a fireplace:

Perfect on the last day of November.  It snowed.

Perfect on the last day of November. It snowed.

And a big old soft bed.


The bathroom is great as well, with a huge glass and tile shower (just like in 301).


My visit to RIT was superb. They are great hosts.

The highlight of my visit was a trip to the Cheshire (above Solera Wine Bar). The Cheshire is a supremely great mixology location with friendly barmen and a great vibe. Superb.

In low light, the collection and its arrangement is hard to capture. The bottles in front of windows ideas is fantastic.

Last time out I met Kyle McHargue who has been promoted to barman from wine guy. Daniel Kajdas provides great experience and a good simulator for concocting new things. In addition to a Greenpoint (with rye), we worked on an un-named experimental beverage. We’ll call it the Rochester Passage:
1 oz Card Amaro
2 oz Rittenhouse 100 Rye
.5 oz simple syrup
.25 oz lemon juice
2 dashes Fee Brothers Black Walnut bitters

Stir down. Wash glass with smokey scotch (laphroig maybe). Serve up.

A visit to the Cheshire is definitely in order if you ever find yourself in Rochester. World class.

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