United Airline’s New Low: 2012 Service Sucks

December 1, 2012

Jeff Smisek can’t run an airline. He sure does like to talk about himself, paint, nonexistent wifi, and airplanes that his airline does not fly yet. That sucks. He sucks. Fire yourself Jeff, please. (Even the New York Times agrees: For United, Big Problems at Biggest Airline.)

Why do I continue to fly on United Airlines?  Good question.

Why do I continue to fly on United Airlines? Good question.

On this last trip I broke 100,000 miles for 2012 (and 1,465,480 lifetime miles). Each and every one was, for the most part, utterly awful. I’ve been flying United loyally since 1996. If only I did not live so close to Dulles Airport I would certainly switch carriers. I may just do it anyway. Anybody know how I can avoid United and continue to fly so much? Has United airlines become worse than Greyhound Bus?

Yay, 2013 100K Pemium status again. Big f-ing deal. No upgrades. Crappy planes. An egomanic CEO. United Airlines was the worst ever in 2012.

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  1. Sammy Says:

    I’m at 136,060 miles on United so far this year with 58 segments. I’m certainly see lots of older, crappier planes on the Dulles to west coast run as well as Dulles to Europe; holdovers from the Continental fleet, I imagine. Business class on United seems as nice as SAS or ANA, but the seats are (or feel) narrower, so even with the decent legroom they’re not as comfortable. Also there seems to always be something wrong at my seat or nearby on United this year — headphone jack doesn’t work, light burned out, video screen is blurry, seat won’t remain upright and leans back by itself, and so on and on.

    Like the new hotel chains catering to the basics for business people (e.g., power next to the bed, iThing jacks to the TV/stereo, etc.), there’s definitely a market for the Midwest Express of old with real accommodations and real quality in the meal and the accoutrements.

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