Panic at 70Park NY

December 1, 2012

Ever lost your briefcase? Ever left it in a bar in NY city? Did you realize that five hours later when you went to check in to your hotel? Not fun.

After a productive day of business meetings we opted for a progressive romp through: Harry’s Bar (where my bag spent some time by itself), Wolfgang Steak, Weather Up, and Blue Smoke.

On the mixology front, Harry’s Bar had a reasonable selection and was game to attempt a Corpse Reviver #2. Wolfgang Steak is nothing special on all fronts including wine. Weather Up was a great place with bartenders who listen and play. Much fun was had. Blue Smoke continues to have the best bourbon selection in NYC bar none.

I arrived at 70Park around 1:30am and quickly realized that I did not have my bag. Panic set in. The staff was helpful (thanks you guys), but there is not much to be done when most places are closed or closing. Bar? Restaurant? Taxi? Uber car? My relief came only many hours later the next day at 11:30am when Harry’s Bar opened for the morning. I called from the airport. They had my bag. Drew rescued it and flew it down to Washington.

So, I forgot to notice my welcome snack, my personal note, and even what room I was assigned (it was 1217, the one with the ridiculous tub thing). But I got my bag back two days later.

Don't panic, it's only your entire work life in one bag.

Don’t panic, it’s only your entire work life in one bag.

70Park is not a bad place to panic if you have to. Five showerheads.

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