Sheraton New Orleans = Plastic Shower

December 8, 2012

Sheraton equals nope. Even in an executive suite.


Sheraton chair. Meh.

Sheraton bed OK.

Sheraton bed OK.

Sheraton shower has a thin glass door, and a plastic floor. Close but no cigar.


Sheraton bar console. Holds essential doctor’s bag.

What? You have to pay for wireless internet?! Wrong.

Two showerheads for the Sheraton. Skip it.

On the other hand, New Orleans is a great place to visit. Much fun had by all, including a Liberal or two from the doctor’s bag (sometimes you just have to bring your own), dinner at Irene’s Cuisine (phenomenal duck, second best of all time for me), and absolutely superb mixology at Cure.

The collection at Cure.

The collection at Cure.

Head barman Turk Dietrich mixed some exquisite cocktails.  Two came directly off the always changing list, enhanced by a couple of experimental beverages that are worth noting.  I brought in some Amer Picon in the doctor’s bag and we were off to the races. I learned a ton.

Picon Improvisation 21A
2 oz Michter’s Rye
.25 oz Dark Cacao
.3 Amer Picon
1 dash Angustora bitters
Stir down. Strain over rocks. (Too much chocolate for me, but I know others will love it.)

Picon Absinthe Pour
1.5 oz George T. Stagg bourbon
.25 oz Punt et Mes
.5 oz Amer Picon
1 dash Fee Brothers Old Fashioned bitters
Stir down. Strain into glass with absinthe rinse. Lemon peel garnish (express over glass).

I will adjust the Picon Absinthe Pour with half Dolins dry and half Dolins Sweet (in place of the Punt et Mes) to bring out the middle range.

Night two included a late night trip to Bellocq with my two brothers, where we were served by the eager young’un Winston Willingham. Bellocq is a very nice bar with a good very young vibe. However, it frankly doesn’t hold a candle to Cure.

Proof? The best drink we concocted all night (besides high end Swiss absinthe with sparkling water) was invented at Cure.

Growing Old and Dying Happy is a Hope not an Inevitability
2 oz cynar
1 oz rittenhouse 100 rye
pinch of kosher salt
Absinthe glass rinse
Stir down. Serve over rocks with an expressed lemon (drop in).

Who dat?

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