Grant Street Inn, Bloomington, IN in the Spring

April 18, 2013

I’ve been here in the Fall and at the height of Spring. It’s always beautiful in Bloomington.

Grant Street Inn in Spring

Grant Street Inn in Spring

The Grant Street Inn is expanding. They even moved the front desk around (watch out if you used to come waltzing in the back door). But I am in room 30 as always.

I had the window open during a midwest Spring thunderstorm. Awesome.

CIMG0356 CIMG0354

Of course I had to stop by The Rail for a drink. It is excellent as usual and continues to thrive. Tallent is a serviceable restaurant but needs some help in the wine department. Serendipity, which fancies itself a martini bar, is utterly avoidable. Great atmosphere and really terrible drinks. Really. Terrible.

A consistent four showerheads for the Grant Street Inn. Maybe they have glass showers in the annex?!

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