The Chicago Palomar Does It Again. Excellence.

April 17, 2013

My first trip in 2013 involved the Chicago Palomar. They were a superb way to start the year, setting the bar very high indeed. And they are still superb today. I look forward to many visits in the future as our Chicago office evolves! (Hopefully longer than half a day and one night!)

What’s good?

John Stanton’s outstanding barmanship. (He’s super delightful and happy to chat about mixing drinks.)

What's left of John Stanton's welcome drink.

What’s left of John Stanton’s welcome drink.

Sparkling water.

S. Pelligrino.  For free.  With bubbles and everything.

S. Pelligrino. For free. With bubbles and everything.

Delicious cheese at 1am left with a note from Adam Gurgiolo (asst GM).

One of these cheese was incredibly great.

One of these cheese was incredibly great.

Rooms that have interesting design.

Bed in 1517.

Bed in 1517.

The best shower in all Kimpton history. (Glass cube + great water pressure = perfection.)

Shower cube.

Shower cube.


Ferris wheel art.

Ferris wheel art.



Chicago at night.

Chicago at night.

Favors from front desk guy Jake Forbes who rescued my forgotten cell phone from my parked car and brought it to me at the bar. Thanks Jake.

And there’s more. The bar at Sable gets better and better. A new menu with 17 house-designed drinks, including:

Fence’s End
1.5 Bulleit rye
.5 Amaro Zucca
.5 Raspberry syrup
.75 Lime
2 slices of cucumber
Shake, tir, strain, float cucumber wheel.

The Sovreign
2 oz High West Rendezvous rye
.5 Ramazotti
.5 Green chartreuse
.5 Kalani
Stir, up, slight lemon peel express (discard)

And experimental beverages such as the one left in my room as a greeting with a note from John. (Love it!)
1.75 Weller’s Antique bourbon
.75 Dolin’s blanc
.5 Zucca amaro
.25 vanilla syrup
2 dashes orange bitters

Or this Liberal-esque thing that Mike sampled
1.75 Wild Turkey Rare Breed
.5 Dolin’s dry
.5 Amaro montenegro
.25 Amaro Ciocinro
1/16 vanilla bean syrup
2 dashes Reagan’s #6 orange bitters

How can you top this hotel? I’m not really sure. Five enthusiastic shower heads for the Chicago Palomar.

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