No Stress: Carousing in Bergen

March 15, 2014

carouse |kəˈrouz|
verb [ no obj. ]
drink plentiful amounts of alcohol and enjoy oneself with others in a noisy, lively way: they danced and caroused until the drink ran out | (as noun carousing) : a night of carousing.

No Stress staff in action on a stressful Friday

No Stress staff in action on a stressful Friday

Yes, even the Norwegians like to carouse. The best place to do it in Bergen is the No Stress bar (mentioned in a previous post). Once you find a place like that, you must return—even if it is Friday night.

The bar was way more crowded and raucous, and I am not sure that the people behind it were not stressed. But boy was it fun.

They are almost out of Pappy van Winkle 20. Alas.

Goran watches the watcher

Gøran watches the watcher

We also had a Pisco Sour, a Last Word, and some fernet branca—all classics. Video and pictures through google glass.

Isaac Staflin created a challenge cocktail we’ll call the First Time (since it has cherry and is Gøran’s first cocktail):
2 cl Heering
2 cl Gin (try swapping in Genever for more complexity)
2 dashes simple syrup
2 cl lemon juice
Rinse the glass with a smokey whiskey and angostura bitters. Shake and serve up. Flame a lemon peel and drop in. (Could also use a real luxardo cherry in the bottom.)

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