Sky Bar: Charlottesville, VA

March 19, 2014

I originally went to Charlottesville to give a talk about cyber war. But I ended up at a Music Resource Center event thanking their donors?!

Sky Bar Bartenders documenting the Hellfire Manhattan

Sky Bar Bartenders documenting the Hellfire Manhattan

Good news is that the event was held at the Sky Bar (over the Commonwealth restaurant) right on the downtown mall. Sky bar bartenders Dave Frazier and Ina Neutelings were happy to play. Together we came up with Hellfire Manhattan:
2 oz Bulleit Bourbon
1 oz Dolin’s red
3 dashes Fee brother’s Orange Bitters
3 drops Bittermen’s hellfire schrub bitters
stir. strain. serve in a cocktail glass up with a real cherry.

And while you’re there, Pasture is a great place for dinner in the new scary ass mall outside of town (intersection of 29 and Hydraulic).

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  1. Sounds awesome.

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