Quill at the Jefferson Hotel Washington DC

June 12, 2015

In DC for a quick hit with no overnight, there was time between meetings to hit Quill with a friend. Quill has it going on in cocktail land.

First there was the obligatory DC Rickey for a DC denizen who had never had one. Quill thinks it is made with bourbon? Um, nope. But they corrected the error automagically, resulting in two Rickey’s, the proper one with gin.

Gin Rickey (a la DC) and bourbon (??) Rickey

Gin Rickey (a la DC) and bourbon (??) Rickey

The calamity comfort cocktail by Sophie Szych is a very interesting cocktail indeed:
1.5 oz rye
1.5 oz coffee calamity mix
.25 oz cynar
2 dash bitter cure blackstrap bitters

stir down. serve on a big rock with smoked ginger and orange peel

coffee calamity mix
1 quart coffee
2 double shots espresso
2 cinnamon sticks
2 star anise
4 cloves
4 oz molasses
1 orange peel (no pith)
1 vanilla bean
create toasty crush. add liquid. simmer 20 minutes.

Calamity Comfort cocktail

Calamity Comfort cocktail

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