A Loudoun County Swing and a Miss: Lansdowne Resort

June 13, 2015

Lansdowne Resort is so close that we’ve only been here once, and that was so long ago we don’t want to admit it. But we’re back and running a show for 300+. Sadly, Lansdowne is not up to the load on all kinds of fronts.

As with many resorts (many of the Sheraton variety), much more attention is paid to the common areas than to the rooms. Even a “deluxe” suite can’t make the cut here for many reasons. Heck, lets just list them shall we?

  • plastic showers
  • hamster cage design
  • views of a roof?!
  • thin walls that carry sound
  • an HVAC system that sounds like a broken jet
  • pluming that screams when you flush
  • seriously uncomfortable bedding
  • style? not really
  • net that is not up to high geek standards
Covered with saran wrap

Covered with saran wrap

No dice on the room. They did try with a personal note and some cheese and wine. (Though based on the bill slid under my door in the morning, the cheese and wine came from Jennifer and cost $42. Nothing like being charged for your own amentity!)

Good thing we had the doctor’s bag along with some makings for Liberals. But frankly the furniture in the suite was mega uncomfortable, leaving good Liberals to be enjoyed on bad seating. Oh well.

Suite looks nice

Suite looks nice

Just don't look out the window

Just don’t look out the window

Uncomfortable bed ensconced in a style featuring scratchy orange carpet

Uncomfortable bed ensconced in a style featuring scratchy orange carpet

Oh, and did we mention the plastic showers?

Yeah, no.

Yeah, no.

The worst kind of plastic shower

The worst kind of plastic shower

The worst kind of plastic shower has an obesity-friendly bent bar, a plastic curtain, and a slippery hollow plastic tub. 100% bad! Yays.

Ultimately, the real problem here at Lansdowne is the disorganization and incompetence of the A/V and conference staff. In fact, the service in the hotel is all pretty awful if you’re a spoiled traveller like we are. Our room looked great and most of the parts required for a good show are available in the conference room, but they are being run by people who are quite simply the worst A/V people we’ve come across professionally in many years. Just not good.

Food too. Just not good.

Bar? hah hah hah. We’re not touching that one.

The location is gorgeous and green. But it is suited for golfer types. Nuff said. Pretty far down the list and nowhere near as good the also local Westfields as for a conference. I guess we need to move the show into DC.

A rare two showerheads and a vague feeling of disappointment for the Lansdowne Resort. Looks like LoCo has a ways to go to attain world class.

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