The Dean Hotel: Providence, RI

November 19, 2015

For whatever reason, NPS had never set foot in Rhode Island before this trip. Turns out that Providence is a nice little town with plenty to offer. And it’s only two hours drive from the work gig spawning this trip! Woo hoo.

The Dean does neon

The Dean does neon

The Dean Hotel is a hipster collective in the under construction middle part of the city. Walkable to lots of good stuff. Design plays first fiddle at the Dean, and the sensibility is Euro-sparse.

My room was 415. Getting up there with gear takes some doing due to the quaint little “LIFT” which is easy to operate only if you are from the 1800s.

On the way to 415

On the way to 415

415 at The Dean

415 at The Dean

The bathroom and the bedroom in 415 share the same sparse sensibility. The bed is comfortable if you actually spend any time in it!

The bathroom is a bit tight but nicely put together

The bathroom is a bit tight but nicely put together

Glass shower will do us, but pretty tiny

Glass shower will do us, but pretty tiny

It is always interesting to contrast a Kimpton welcome with other places. Kimpton wins every time.

Personal note is always a nice touch, but where is my cheese?

Personal note is always a nice touch, but where is my cheese?

Dinner on night one was at the exceptionally good Red Fin Crudo. Everything was outstanding though the service can use a bit more training about when to not make stuff up. (It is OK not to know, dude. Just please don’t pretend. Mansplaining sprouts to an organic farmer? LOL.) Best quail NPS has ever eaten. Highly recommended.

Next stop was the Eddy bar. Nice little establishment but noisy and crowded. We found a table in the back. Drinks were well made. Even had a Punsche going. Nothing stood out after our meal.

Back to the Dean for 3 hours of sleep before a drive to Connecticut. Ouch!

When I stopped in to snag my credit card the next day (long story) the barman’s behavior was ridiculous. Sometimes the hipster thing requires a nice punch in the nose.

Lunch at Ken’s Ramen was just what the doctor ordered. Fantastic all around. Cash only for serious noodles.

After an afternoon on the farm, a quick homemade German sausage at Faust was workaday. The Space is trying to be like a beer garden and failing through sheer sparse design that is just way too clean. Reboot!

On the other hand, the Magdalenae Room was great. Super bartender who was fun to chat with.

Cocktail whose name we forget
1.5 Smokey mezcal
.5 carpano bianca
.5 giffard ginger (need some of this! grapefruit too!!)
.5 yellow chartreuse
Stir down. Put ground black pepper into bottom of small cup. Strain.

All told, the swing through Rhode Island was great. Four showerheads, a new elevator, and some more space to the Dean.

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