Richmond Rogues

June 11, 2016

OK OK, once again staying at a friend’s house, so no hotel to talk about, but after a day being trapped in a conference room in Tysons Corner, the swing over to The Rogue Gentlemen was a most welcome respite. We invaded by uber.

The Rogue Gentlemen

The Rogue Gentlemen

It being Negroni week, there was a Negroni round.

Ice program

Ice program

And then there was a Paul Blumer special, which he calls a Sazarac # Infinity, and we call a High Octane Gasoline Sazarac.
1 oz Rittenhouse Rye
1 oz Calvados
Dash of honey syrup
4 dashes Peycahud’s
1 dash Angustora

Rinse the iced serving cup with Absinthe and Ardbeg 10. Serve up.

Anyway, swing on by ya’ll.


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