Village Whiskey in Philly = Outstanding Mixology

September 30, 2011

I’ve blogged about the Village Whiskey in Philadelphia before. Just got a chance to swing by again yesterday with Professor Blank for some outstanding mixology.

Not only did Keith and company have a complete set of the antique collection of bourbons on hand, they also had a bottle of Hirsch 28. Very nice.

Here is one of their standard superb drinks off the menu called Cuba Kula. It was created in 1937 by Ray Boehem:

.75 dark rum
.75 aged rum (amber)
.25 151 Demera rum
.75 Fresh lime juice
.5 Fresh orange juice
.5 honey syrup (50/50 honey and water)
dash Angustora bitters
dash Absinthe

Comparing Village Whiskey with Death & Company in NY is telling. Village Whiskey is way more relaxed and friendly, they serve better drinks, and they welcome real interaction with a knowledgeable staff. Wow.

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