Hilton? Prolly not (Wilmington, NC)

June 15, 2012

More slumming on the way to the beach. This seems to be an annual event. The Wilmington Hilton has not improved.

Purple light on the building? Nah. Flickering flourescent bulbs in the bathroom? Nah. Design sensibility? Nah.

Plastic showerland.

Obesity rod included, for free!

In Soviet Russia, corners round you.

Ah, round. Like, um, before we were born.

Peter Roth. Poor guy.

Two shower heads for this place. Don’t stay here unless there are no alternatives. Damn, there are no alternatives.

Better news from Wilmington, which is not a bad town. Caffe Phoenix is a nice place to dine, with a sensible but unsurprising menu and an attempt at real mixological creativity. Joel Finsel has left the building, but slight echoes remain.

Summer Jewel
1.5 oz gin (plymouth would be best)
1 oz green Chartreuse
juice from 1/2 orange
simple syrup (not much)

South Manhattan
2 oz Rye
1 basil leaf
Tablespoon honey
Splash of sweet vermouth
(this one needs to be improved with some interesting bitters)

And there is always the Dixie Grill where breakfast will be served this morning. All Wilmington needs now is a boutique hotel.

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