Chicago Palomar Rocks On

September 13, 2012

Last time I was here, I was on a whirlwind college tour with my son. This time was business with more time to stretch out and enjoy this superb property.

Attention to detail is a great sign. Pre arrival email threads with Jake Forbes, Jacques Bezuidenhout, and Mike Ryan set the stage for some excellent mixology. Sable is really doing it right. Best hotel bar ever.

Arrival was punctuated with a note and a concoction from John Stanton. I have to say, this is not only the most interesting, but also the most on the mark arrival package the Kimpton has ever produced. Superb.

I am in 1427 this time, one floor down from my first stay with exactly the same layout and design. The complimentary upgrade was much appreciated (especially since Chicago prices were way too high this week due to some convention or other).

The bed has not seen enough sleep hours so far. (Had to get up at 4:30am today to fly to Minneapolis for a day trip.)

Bedroom through the mirror. Power pods on the tables are a welcome addition.

The sitting room came in handy between meetings in the city.

Sitting room where work was actually done.

And the shower is way non-plastic. The shower is huge, but it needs more water pressure.

Shower not plastic. Tub not used.

Design sensibility abounds.

By far the best part of this visit was time spent at Sable with barman John Stanton. John was eager to chat about spirits, ideas, and experiences. Excellent. Among other drinks, John concocted these two:
Blood Moon
1.75 Bourbon
.75 Carpano Antica dry vermouth
.25 Luxardo
dash Laphroig 10yr Scotch
10 drops orange bitters
Stir. Strain in rocks glass, chilled and rinsed with Laphroig. Express orange peel over glass.

Autumn Rose
1.5 Matusalem Clasico Rum
.75 Carpano Antica dry vermouth
.5 Lemon juice
.5 Yellow Chartreuse
.25 Honey syrup (2:1 ratio)
2 dashes Angustora
Shake and strain.

The mixology coup de grace was a visit to the office (an “uber exclusive speakeasy”) arranged by Dan. Superb. Oysters with tinctures. Wow. They outshone the exquisitely concocted drinks. Must return.

Other Chicago mixology (your mileage may vary): Barrelhouse Flat (Greg Buterra), Delilah’s, Whistler, Scofflaw, Drawing Room, and of course one of the best, the Violet Hour. Minneapolis mixology: East Street Social, Marvel Bar, Maude’s (chad).

And there is always the Art Institute of Chicago on a gorgeous day.

September in Chicago.

I will be back to the Palomar and to Sable whenever I am in Chicago. A gem of a place to get some business done. Five showerheads.

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