Back at the Cowper Inn Again (Palo Alto, CA)

September 26, 2012

Gorgeous grounds at the Cowper Inn.

I’m here at the Cowper Inn just a block or two from the bustling heart of Palo Alto, California. It’s a beautiful day like always, and is is nice to be here for the fourth time in 2012! (dang.)

I’m in room 28 again, though I think I like 31 better now. No time for breakfast at the Cowper yet this run. But that may be OK since rumor has it that the espresso machine is toast. Joji says another is on the way.

Morning sun.

The cowper is one of my favorite “grandfathered in” five showerheads locations. Do I really visit four times a year these days?

Spent some quality time in San Francisco yesterday with dinner at Chez Papa (get the cassoulet) and after dinner drinks at the Alembic.

The Alembic is just superb. This go ’round, expert bartender Rachel mixed us some excellent drinks (both un-named as far as we know, so I will name them here):
Almost Liberal
1 cognac
1 rye
.75 Avena
.25 Green Chartreuse
.5 Curacao
3-4 Angustora
2-3 Orange bitters (Regans #6)
Express orange peel and disgard

Boozy Moderate
1.5 bourbon
.75 punt et mes
.5 Nocino della christina from Napa (walnut liqueur)
Express orange peel and drop in.

About the only problem with the Alembic is that you need to appear to be a member of the tribe (tats and t-shirts help) or the authentication procedure is really longer than it should be. I accidentally wore a fancy handmade shirt from Argentina. Alas. Also the word “concoction” is verboten among some behind the bar. At least Rachel was friendly!

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