Old Town Montréal Gem: Saint-Sulpice Hotel

February 1, 2016

When NPS goes on the road to deliver a talk, travel arrangements are often outside of our control. Oh woe is us. Usually that is worrisome, but sometimes it works out perfectly. This is one of those perfect times.

NPS is in Montréal for a talk, and staying in the heart of the old city at the Saint-Sulpice Hotel. It lives up to its reputation for luxury.

We have been assigned a suite, number 416. The suite itself is a rectangle, cleverly disguised with interesting angles an internal design that avoids hamster cage all together.

416 natural light

416 natural light



Did we mention the natural light? Clever translucent windows allow that to pervade the room.

Let the light in

Let the light in

Bedroom in the middle with a small hallway around it.

Bedroom in the middle with a small hallway around it.

The light makes it all the way back to the bathroom. The bathroom is NPS approved. Very nice indeed.

That's real light on both side of the mirror

That’s real light on both side of the mirror


And, of course the shower. This one for some reason reminds us of the fabian in helsinki.

Nice shower, gigantic tub

Nice shower, gigantic tub

Glass, yes. Cube? No!

Glass, yes. Cube? No!

About the only silly thing in this suite is the fake fireplace doohicky. A real fireplace is always nice. This fake thing is at least entertaining?! Mostly, it makes me miss my own very real fireplace.

No wait, there are also no outlets anywhere near the bed. What is this the ’80s? No, this is 2016. Clock radio? Nope. Power for my own personal electronics pile? Absolutely necessary. Minus ten on that one. Plus nine for camomile tea capability in room. So all told, we’re worried about power. Alarm across the room?? Really??!

Dinner at Modavie was super French—which means super delicious. Lamb poutine? Damn. And live jazz to boot. Excellent.

Cocktails at Le Lab were also very carefully crafted in an outstanding environment without pretense. Just solid. We may have to return for tiki night.

The drink of the night was a Bramble Sour:
sour base
1 dash egg white
1 oz simple syruo
1 oz lemon juice
1.25 oz gin
.75 oz blackberry liqueur

Shake until egg white foams, serve with mint sprig.

On Day 2, dinner was at the fantastic Joe Beef Liverpool House where the appetizer (a breakfast sandwich made with fois gras) was outstanding.

The we were off for cocktail adventures, first to Kabinet where people were having a blast and we challenged barman Ricky Lee Jones to make anything with Suze. Ricky is a new barman, but was willing to play with some encouragement.

Experimental cocktail
1.5 Milagro tequila
.5 suze
.5 lillet rouge
stir down. express lemon peel and smacked mint

Trinidad Sour
.75 Orgeat
.75 Rye (100% canadian club)
.75 lemon juice
.75 angostura bitters (!!)
.5 egg white
shake to foam egg white.

After Kabinet it was off to the new and very swanky Cloakroom bar. We were ably served by Chloe and co-owner Andrew Whibley. Andrew is still working out a cocktail menu for the new establishment.

The Riviera
1.25 oz bacardi
.75 oz bianco vermouth
.5 oz aperol
.5 oz amaro montenegro
,5 lemon
4 dashes peychauds
shake and garnish garishly

All told, hitting the cocktail scene in Montreal was a blast.

Four showerheads (quatre têtes de douche) for the Saint-Sulpice.

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