Gora Kadan: Japanese Hot Springs in the Hakone Mountains

September 14, 2017

First you leave Tokyo on a bullet train. Eventually you end up on a tiny local that chugs up the mountain at an unhurried pace through a set of switchbacks. And then you arrive. Peace.

Gora Kadan is situated on a hillside just a few minutes walk from the Gora train station.

Hakone local

The welcome ritual is relaxing and very upscale. The big bucks come here to relax. And relax they do. Gorgeous setting. Natural hot springs. Mountains. Art.

After checking our bags, we headed out for some Soba and some art.


Sculpture in

We made an early afternoon visit to the Hakone Outdoor Museum. Just wow. Go to see the sculpture.

Then it was back to Gora Kadan to meet our room assistant and find our private accommodations (Japanese style).

Yes, you will need a private hot spring tub. Check out the view from the glass shower!

Strangely, the bathroom was divided into two sections somewhat far from each other. The obligatory Japanese toilet had many buttons.

After donning kimonos, we headed back upstairs for a soak in the public hot springs. Follow the washing rituals! Turns out that our sex segregated hot springs were mostly private since we were the only guests there. Then a glass of champagne after bathing and a swim in the pool. Pictures are not allowed in the public guests areas at Gora Kadan. The design is classic upscale Japanese. An incredible place to visit.

Kaiseki dinner is served in the room and takes at least two hours. Follow that with a massage and you have a perfect spa visit.

Kaiseki dinner

Five showerheads for Gora Kadan plus extensive hot springs and luxury of the highest order.

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