R2 Wine Luncheon Number 5

October 12, 2019

As always, the wine luncheon in LA was excellent. Great food, great company, and great wine. Our host Donnie did it again.

We dined at Lucques, and though we did not have a private room, we were well cared for and had plenty of room.

Donnie and I arrived in time for a cocktail before lunch got rolling.

House made Negroni at Lucques

Negroni components

The house made Negroni was, um, interesting. Infused vodka?! Overly sweet home made Campari. Sweet vermouth that was pretty sweet.

R2 menu

The food was excellent. Sadly, no pictures were snapped. The wine was plentiful as always.

The wine supply



As it turned out, a number of small French wineries were in the house looking for US distributors. After lunch, we joined them for a taste.

Vive la France

After an excellent Indian dinner, we decamped to Edison for a night cap. Good times.


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  2. Phil Rosenthal Says:

    Nicely done Don! I had not been for a few months as you know and I really enjoyed myself. 2011 Willam Defoe – The ROGUES – was my fav with a close call by the, first growth Pomerol, by Chateau Fisk! ;) I wish I had spread out a bit and spoken with Jim, Dan, Jay and more but the guys at my table were as bit overwhelming for an old guy like me…These are the days my friends!

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